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So Bad Ass came into being as a website and blog about Inflammatory Bowel Disease and specifically my journey with Ulcerative Colitis and living with a stoma.  Over the past year it has become so much more than that, my journey has taken a different path and I have been inspired to talk more about self esteem, body image and loving yourself.

Take a look at my talk for International Women’s Day on living with Ulcerative Colitis and a stoma, body image and self esteem.

My name is Sam Cleasby and Im a photographer, writer and public speaker, I am passionate about positivity, I want to teach folk how to love themselves and to see that no matter your size, shape, ability, illness, you are so bad ass.

I believe in looking for that silver lining every day, in laughing, singing and being a giddy goat whenever possible.  I think that mindfulness and appreciation for the things we have, rather than the things we don’t yet have are vital to happiness.  That we need to make time for happiness in our day to day lives.

stoma ileostomy body image photo shoot woman beauty

I write, I work with teenagers on issues surrounding self esteem and body image and Im a public speaker, I believe in shouting loud and trying to make a difference. Get in touch to discuss more.

This is about loving yourself.  Being happy. And being So Bad Ass.

Take a look at my blog page for news and articles.

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Sam xxx

11 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Wow, I hear everything you say, every emotion you went through echoed mine through my first surgery, I now have a j pouch. Although I could never express it the same way. Brilliant x


  2. Hi Sam, firstly may I congratulate you on your inspirational and emotional talk for international women’s day. I certainly shed a few tears and laughs during it.

    Normally I wouldn’t contact you in this way, a way in which other people could read my comments. However, you have given me the strength to do so.

    I don’t have a stoma, I haven’t been through what you’ve been through recently. I have however have struggled with depression for many years. This depression has escalated from personal issues I had as a child. I have become a bit of a recluse over many years – I don’t have many friends (I really don’t like to be a burden) and live not too far from you, in fact both my children have gone to Anston park schools like yours have.

    I have seen you in passing and even spoken to you very briefly with a mutual friend. I didn’t however, know about your health. Well why would I?!

    I constantly have issues with my body, my appearance, and how other people view me. All of which are impacting on my mental health.

    Last year I had an operation to remove my fallopian tubes. I was initially only having one taken but they decided to take both! Fantastic. Hormonal changes within my body haven’t helped with my depression.

    Fortunately for me the open surgery was done through my Caesarian scar from when I had my second child. However it didn’t help me feeling less than myself and I have to admit (reluctantly)that I still feel that way.

    Your positivity and love for yourself has made me realise that I need to do that also. I just wanted to say thank you for creating ‘so badass’. It has made me realise that there is much more to life in order to make ourselves happy.

    You really are truly inspirational. The next time I see you I’ll introduce myself. But not in a stalking way!!!!

    Della x

    PS I live by fictional characters quotes too! But generally Yoda is my favourite! 😁

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  3. I am
    An ostomate who has an accessory,
    Hidden from fashion.
    My bag holds items beyond currency.

    I can’t realise the old me anymore.
    I am new.

    Let us use indispensible words
    As fine fabrics, across
    The web.

    Let us see you dance,
    Wearing yours like a sporran,
    For all to see.

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  4. Your story is so similar to mine, it’s scary! I had emergency surgery at the end of February this year and was so tired of feeling ill that I thoroughly welcomed it. However, since then I’ve become less enthusiastic about my ileostomy and my self esteem is at an all time low. It’s probably not been helped by the fact that my skin has reacted badly to some bags and I’ve now got contact dermatitis all over, including my face. I’ve never thought I was vain before but I clearly am. Your blog 3 weeks post surgery describes exactly how I feel now, how did you pull yourself round? I feel worse now 6 months down the line than I did 6 weeks post surgery :(


  5. Your story is so similar to mine it’s scary! I had my surgery at the end of February this year but somehow my self esteem seems to be getting worse instead of better. Even though my surgery was emergency, I was so poorly I was thoroughly looking forward to having a stoma and that entailed. 7 months or so on and I feel exactly how you described in your blog 3 weeks post surgery. I would love to know how you pulled yourself out of that spiral because I feel like those feelings are getting worse each day. It probably doesn’t help that I had a reaction to the adhesive on one of the ileostomy bags I was using and I got contact dermatitis which I’ve not been able to get under control yet. It’s all over my body but especially on my face. I would never have described myself as vain before but obviously I must be because I hate the way I am. I thought surgery would be the miracle cure but I think I preferred the invisibility of the colitis before. Now I just think everyone looks at me with a degree of pity. Today is a bad day. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.


  6. Hi Sam, I’ve just been listening to you on radio Sheffield and think your a true inspiration to someone who got diagnosed earlier this year!
    Your pictures are truly fabulous!!
    x x


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